Performance robbing deposits of gum, varnish and carbon form in the Intake/Induction system, intake plenum, and on the intake valves of modern PFI and GDI engines. Wynn’s Clean-Sweep Intake/Induction Cleaner (Product Number A66031) provides superior cleaning in all gasoline engine applications and can be introduced via vacuum or pressurized through the intake. In GDI engine applications, when used with the Wynn’s De-Carbon Foam, its advanced chemistry safely removes deposits that traditional fuel system cleaning services do not address.

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  • Improves Air Flow
  • Exceptional GDI Cleaning Chemistry
  • Safely Removes Carbon Deposits That Cause Performance Problems Such as Rough Idle and Hesitation
  • Eliminates Hesitation
  • Intake/Induction Cleaning for all Gasoline Powered Engines
  • Specifically Formulated as the Step 2 Wash When Using De-Carbon Foam

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