De-Carbon Foam

While Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Engines deliver more power and better fuel economy, over time, carbon deposits accumulate resulting in poor engine performance. Most vehicles require a significant teardown and mechanical cleaning. Wynn’s De-Carbon Foam(Part Number A64071), when used with Clean-Sweep and Power Clean, gets to the core of the issue without costly repair work.

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  • Easy Application – No Engine Disassembly Required
  • Softens Carbon Deposit Build-up on Intake Valves so it can be Removed During Step 2 of the Process
  • Restores Smooth Engine Operation in Rough Running Vehicles Related to Carbon Deposits
  • Convenient Aerosol Package Includes Extended Hose & Nozzle Tip
  • For Use in all Gasoline Engines (GDI, PFI) & for Diesel EGR Cleaning
  • Specifically Formulated as Step 1 When Using Clean-Sweep and Power Clean

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