Oil System Cleaner & Conditioner

Wynn’s Oil System Cleaner and Conditioner (Product Number 61610) safely dissolves and suspends engine oil deposits throughout the engine. While cleaning, this product’s extreme pressure lubrication agents protect the engine from metal-to-metal wear and conditions the used oil to ensure an absolute complete drain, effectively reducing the contamination of the new oil.

  • Helps Dissolve Old, Highly Oxidized Sludge and Varnish Deposits to Avoid Contamination of New Oil
  • Helps Reduce Oil Consumption Resulting From Blocked Oil Drain Return Holes
  • Provides Engine Component Protection During the Cleaning Process
  • Conditions the System to Allow for a More Complete Draining of the Used Oil
  • Applicable for All Engine Crankcases and Engine Oil Formulations; Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic and Traditional

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