Transmission Solutions

With people holding onto their cars longer than ever (source) it’s no surprise that end customers come in frustrated about rough shifting and leaks due to corrosion of seals and o-rings. Our team will help train you on a value proposition that will not only keep your customers safe but drive revenue for your location while doing it.

The Problem

Failure of systems can be caused by overheating and contaminated fluid due to sludge and varnish buildup. In fact, over 13,000,000 transmissions fail yearly!

9 of 10 fail due to contaminated fluid and 4 of 10 will incur some kind of problem in 90 days after a pan service.

In fact, a typical transmission drain and refill service replaces only 40% of the old, contaminated ATF while the remaining ATF is trapped inside the torque converter and valve body. This means that the new ATF is immediately cross-contaminated with the remaining fluid.

The Solution

A special formulation transmission cleaner will safely remove harmful sludge and varnish deposits, along with the majority of the old fluid, from the transmission. This will extend transmission fluid life and ensure smooth shifting for the life of the fluid.

That means that your customer will be able to enjoy:

  • Peace-of-Mind that their car will be reliable.
  • Extended life for the transmission.
  • Smoother shifting.
  • Eliminated shuddering.
  • Stop and prevent leaks.
  • Restored elasticity in rubber seals & gaskets.
  • Better gas mileage.
  • Reduced fluid oxidation.
  • Removal of harmful varnish, sludge, and contaminated fluids.
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