Clint Gray

Clint Gray is a dedicated automotive representative with an unwavering passion for cars and extensive experience in the industry. His fascination with automobiles began at an early age, fueled by the influence of his three uncles who were part of the renowned Wood’s Brothers Pit Crew, serving legendary drivers such as Neil Bonnet, Kyle Petty, and Bill Elliot.

With a lifelong commitment to the automotive field, Clint started his professional journey at the age of 16, taking on various roles within the industry. From sweeping floors to managing multiple stores, he has acquired a comprehensive understanding of the automotive business from the ground up. Over the years, Clint has made significant contributions to the industry, having spent 15 years at Good Year Tire and Rubber in their retail division, followed by another 15 years as a Technical Trainer for a Rival Chemical Oil Company.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Clint Gray has also dedicated his time and expertise to coaching wrestling for two decades. This demonstrates his strong commitment to mentoring and developing individuals both inside and outside of the automotive world. Clint’s deep-rooted passion for cars, combined with his extensive experience and coaching skills, makes him a valuable asset to KT Automotive Products, where he has been serving as a representative since 2017.

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