Performance Plus Rewards

How do I participate

To participate, please simply speak with your KT Automotive Products representative.
If your store does not currently have this program in place and you’d like to take advantage – you can get started by filling out the form here.

Does signing up affect my credit?

No, the system does not check for credit history or make any inquiries. We only collect the minimal, required amount of information to set up your account.

When should I expect my card?

Your card should arrive in 7-10 business days.
The envelope that arrives is a white envelope with your name on it. It will include a black card that has the “rapid!” logo on the front.
Everything you need to activate your card and begin using it will be included in this envelope.

How can I use my card?

We kept it simple – your card is a debit card that can be used 

For full details and smart ways to use your Rapid! PayCard read through: Using My KT Performance Plus+ Rewards – Eng+Spanish

How can I activate my card?

You must receive your card first to activate your Account.
Once you have received your card, you can follow the instructions in this two-minute video to activate it.
You may also wish to follow step-by-step directions, which can be found here: Activating My KT Automotive Performance Plus+ Rewards Card – Eng+Spanish
Please note that if you are being asked to select an Employer, you are in the wrong place and should be selecting the “Add or Activate your rapid! PayCard” button.

I’m having trouble and need support. Who should I call?

Rapid! PayCard has a Customer Support team that KT Automotive is paying for additional assistance should you need it.
They are available 24/7 and can be reached at 877-380-0980.

Why can’t I log into the system?

You will need to activate your card first. The card will arrive in 7-10 Business Days.
From there, you may download the Rapid! PayCard app or activate the card at
Please be sure that you have followed all instructions related to Activating My KT Performance Plus+ Rewards Card – Eng+Spanish. 
Once you have verified this, you may wish to reset your password so that you receive an email to log in.
If you do not receive an email, please call the 24/7 Support Line at 877-380-0980.

Why didn’t my card arrive?

Your card will arrive in 7-10 business days.
If your card has not arrived by the end of the 10 days – please notify a KT Automotive Team Member so we can review your address with you and order a replacement card.

Please note that 90% of the time it was either thrown away or the address is incorrect. We are happy to order you a new card.
Need to request a new card? Please simply fill out the form below.

NOTE: Address Changes, Account Management, and more needs to be done here:

Who are your partners?

We have partnered with Rapid! Rewards and GreenDot Bank to continue rewarding you for your hard work and remain 1099 Compliant. The same fintech giant that 

rapid! is powered by Green Dot Corporation. Green Dot along with its wholly owned subsidiaries, is a pro-consumer financial technology innovator with a mission to provide a full range of affordable and accessible financial services to the masses.

Technology Privacy Policy

Is it secure?

We take our customer’s security seriously. With our partner being a bank and our technology partner being a tenured SaaS company in the Fintech space – we’re confident that your information is secure.

In case you’re curious, here are some of the technical details:
We take your privacy seriously and while handling PII (we’re about to get technical) it follows all API and financial best practices including SSL, HTTPS with TLS 1.2+, and AES-256-bit encryption while the data is at rest and in transit.

GreenDot Privacy Policy
Technology Privacy Policy
MCNi Privacy Policy
KT Automotive Privacy Policy

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