Pre-Owned Vehicle Coverage Program

With high interest rates and jumps in the price of vehicles since 2020 – more customers are looking to the used car market as an option.

Not only that – those same consumers are looking to keep their car for an all-time-high period of fourteen years or more.

Are you well positioned to capitalize on this upcoming surge in the used and pre-owned car market?

Pre-Owned Vehicle Kit - Wynn's

Increased Revenue

Your customers want a car that will last. Including Wynns Pre-Owned Vehicle (POV) Kits adds tangible value to used cars, making them more attractive to potential buyers, ultimately allowing dealers to set higher prices and increase revenue.

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Build Confidence and Trust

Wynn’s is the longest standing name in vehicle mainteance solutions instills confidence in your buyers. Supplying the POV kit signals a commitment to satisfaction and reliability of the vehicles your team sells.

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Financial Protection

Safeguard your customers and yourself from unexpected repair costs, as the Wynn’s POV Kit covers up to $2,000 in repairs on covered systems and components.

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No-Hassle Claims

Wynn’s reputation for a streamlined claims process reduces admin tasks for dealers, saving time and ensuring a smoother customer experience.

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Customer Retention

You may opt to offer Wynn’s for the service department as a whole. This keeps customers coming back for the Wynn’s Titanium Warranty and a desire to ensure the longevity of the vehicle.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Offers extensive coverage for critical components such as coolant and driveline, providing peace of mind to both dealers and the buyer.

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Are you ready to boost your profits?

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