Profitable Automotive Programs

Warranty Rate Lift Program

Up to 80% of Dealers are underpaid on warranty labor and parts.  That means dealers are losing billions in revenue each year. Are you?

We work with our customers annually to maximize returns. Here’s the quick, 5-step process to getting the warranty rate lift you deserve:

  1. Data Integration – set up access to your DMS to download six (6) months of closed RO data.
  2. Find the Opportunity – the AMP™ system determines the optimal RO range for labor and/or parts.
  3. Expert Analysis– senior fixed ops consultants with decades of experience working with some of the largest dealer groups in North America will review results together.
  4. Review the Results – we show you the potential gross profit opportunity along with how we arrived there.
  5. Crush Your Goals–  we craft an executable action plan so you can stop missing the profits your team deserves. 

The process is simple and we’ll walk you through the whole thing. How do we reach you to get started?

Service Menu Programs

Your customer comes to you because they trust you as their advisor for their vehicle.

The last thing you want to do is lose trust by sounding unconfident or confusing the customer on what services you provide. Our menu program along with Training helps educate both your team and your customers!

We’ll support your program by having our in-house marketing team create something your customers will love and that is proven to help you increase your Average RO. 

Want to get on the same page with your team? Let us help.

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Dedicated, Local Representation

You need someone who understands the job you do – the tough calls, long days, and “get-it-done” it takes to succeed in the automotive industry. True professionals.

Our team comprises top-tier technicians, award-winning service advisors, parts managers, and leaders from some of the best dealer groups on the East Coast. You can meet them here!

You get one-on-one, dedicated service from a team member to help ensure your success while tapping our entire team’s combined experience to advise your team on any challenge you may be up against.

Want to get introduced to your new team member(s)?

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Proven Programs

Time is short, and the last thing you need is more work. Changing is hard.

When you tap the team as your preferred automotive vendor, you get more than product delivery. 

You get access to a team of some of the most talented in the industry. We have program deployment down to a science.

All the benefits without the headaches and hard lessons learned. You get the solution you need now.

Ready to get going?

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Marketing, Technology and Sales Support

Let’s face it – being our industry can be extremely rewarding and challenging. You need someone that has your back.

We provide you with the point-of-sale materials, technology support, and sales support + training to maximize your investment with KT Automotive Products.

Want to see what the whole package is all about? Let us know how we can reach you here.

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Dependable Partner Network

You don’t have time to mess around. Tried and true solutions that come from recognizable names, and high-quality partners, and that help keep you innovative are important.

Don’t mess with partners that make you the guinea pig. By choosing our team, you get access to all our premier partners who are absolutely driven to see you succeed.

Need some backup? We’re on our way! Just tell us where to go.

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One Vendor, No Hassles

On top of managing your team, internal stakeholders, and customers – the last thing you need is an unreliable vendor.

No more empty shelves or promises – just high-quality, fairly priced products delivered by a team spanning across five warehouse and logistical centers in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Feel the confidence of having a partner you can rely on and trust. Let us know how we can get in touch and help you.

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Industry-Leading Automotive Training

You need results now but your workforce is new to the industry or worse – your most seasoned members have developed bad habits that need course correcting.

We’ll combine our industry-leading training where it makes sense in your existing workflow, and coaching where we see an opportunity.

After training, it isn’t rare to see an advisor with increases of 150% and whole teams with 50-75%+. 

Sounds nice, right? Let us train your team.

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Incentive Programs & Compliance

Employees want more money. Your boss is asking for results. How do you keep your team motivated while watching costs and hitting your numbers?

The Performance Plus+ Rewards program is designed to help you solve this challenge by:

  • Increasing the Average RO
  • Driving Repeat Business
  • Helping you Retain Employees
  • Getting Buy-In from Your Team
  • Remaining IRS Compliant
  • Having Your Team Crushing Goals

Sound good? Let’s talk about what would incentivize your team here.

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