Equipment & Chemicals

Why does it matter?

OEM-Approved Equipment & Chemicals for your dealership means that these products are designed and tested to be compatible with the specific vehicles that enter your shop.


Using Wynn’s, distributed by KT Automotive Products, ensures that the chemicals and equipment do not cause damage to critical components and systems.

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Reliabale Machines

Wynn’s Equipment is the Best-in-Class solution for your technicians and team.

Proven Chemicals

Wynn’s R&D invests millions of dollars each year to ensure you have the latest fluid technologies at your fingertips.

Backed by Titanium Coverage

Wynn’s Titanium Coverage program is the leading chemical protection plan that helps drive repeat business and give your customers peace-of-mind.

History of Innovation

Wynn’s created the “Friction Proofing” formula back in 1939.

Since then, the R&D team has been relentlessly pursuing the best formulas to keep your customer’s vehicle on the road and CSI high.

Wynn’s Racing Heritage

Wynn’s is no stranger to the racetrack and what it takes to make our way to Victory Lane.

Check out Wynn’s Racing here.

Driving Revenue for Your Team

Our teams on average can increase their service and maintenance sales by 150%+ thanks to our tried-and-true training techniques, point-of-sale materials, and a team dedicated to your success.