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We’ve delivered millions in profits to the dealerships and indepedent shops we serve as their one-stop distributor for chemicals, wholesale detail, shop supplies, and more.


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One Vendor, No Hassle

For over 25 Years, we have helped our customers retain customers, generate millions in revenue, and lead the pack.

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Multi-Location Logistics

We have tens of thousands of square footage to store our inventory across five warehouses across the Mid-Atlantic. That means your product arrives quickly and when you need it.

Track Record of Success

Each one of our partners goes through a vetting process before we bring them onboard. We deep-dive everything from quality and service all the way down to ratings history and more.

History of Innovation

It is critical to choose high-quality, long-term partners. Our partners at Wynn’s have been in business 85+ years and continue to lead the market in terms of OEM-Approved Maintenance Programs.

Good Teams, Great People

Our people have walked in your shoes and produced the results needed to run a world-class shop. Now, we give you access to those same people at a fraction of the price of a full-time hire.

Our History

We have been proudly serving Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina since 1996.

Keith Tinkham’s garage once only housed the Bilstein 2000 Engine Flush Machine – at the time a revolutionary solution to increase reliabiltiy and performance in vehicles that shops were servicing.

Fast forward to now and the team has transformed the business into a full-service automotive maintenance distributor – providing unmatched customer service and continuing to “Do The Right Thing” for those that we serve across three states and serving over 450 rooftops.

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We’ve learned the tips and tricks of the trade throughout our long automotive history.

Now, we’re giving you access to those best practices that will help accelerate your business.

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    If you’re reading this – perhaps you’re trying to figure out if you need to do something about the brake system on your vehicle. The same one that stops thousands of pounds of steel barreling down the highway at 60+ mph. OK, I’ll admit – the title is a bit clickbaity and the above is…

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  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Average Repair Order (RO) at Auto Shops and Car Dealerships

    As a General Manager, Service Manager, or Service Manager in the automotive industry, you understand the importance of maximizing revenue and improving efficiency. One key metric that seems to run the world when it comes to the financial health of your business is the Average Repair Order (RO) value. The Average RO is the average…

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  • Increasing CSI: Five Tips for Crushing Your Goals

    If you’ve been anywhere in automotive in the last few years – you’ll know that everyone cares about CSI. From the Manufacturer to your Manager and the consumer. Not to mention most folks in a dealership now have some portion of their pay influenced by CSI (whether directly or indirectly.) So, how can we influence…

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